Saturday, February 14, 2009

A letter to the High Desert Opera

"James Werner is to be congratulated for the impressive staging and presention of the Gala. The Robinson Theater is certainly more appropriate for this time of performance....

Also, with the frigid weather, we were pleased to be on our way home in time to eat out....

"The performers noticeably enjoyed being a part of the Gala. By far the most demanding and intricate arias were performed by Tara De Bruin Gatseos. Her costuming was excellent and she was a real live doll in: "Olympia's Song".

"After David Brubaker finished singing "Maria" I caught my breath. I had been sitting on my seat anticipating every note. My daughter looked over at me and said, "He nailed it."

"It would be beyond my ablility to name all the great performances. Briefly, James Warner's backround in "Let Me Live for Pleasure", "Tarasina Campagni", "The Ensemble", and Jeffrey Stroud enjoying pounding on that anvil stand out in memory. When Tyson Repke walked on the stage I had thoughtful giggle that he looked like and Italian tenor. It just added to the pleasure.

"This was a New Year's Eve Gala that I will not soon forget. Again, thank you for a wonderful start to 2009."

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